Dental Products: Sil-Oss

Innovative resorbable synthetic bone regeneration material

Sil-Oss® Concept

Sil-Oss® is a biocompatible synthetic granular material indicated for regeneration of bone defects. Safety and efficacy is supported by animal studies, clinical trials and regular use by dental surgeons.

Sil-Oss® is composed of dicalcium phosphate anhydrous, hydroxyapatite, amorphous silica and trace amounts of zinc and has no animal-derived components. This composition ensures high specific surface area and porosity favouring a high degree of interaction with its biological surrounding and avoids risks associated with animal derived materials.

Sil-Oss® is designed to encourage growth of new bone inducing an osteogenic biological response while stimulating its effective resorption.

Patents for Sil-Oss® composition have been granted in US and EU.


Sil-Oss® recent publications

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