Dental Products: Sil-Oss

Innovative resorbable synthetic bone regeneration material

Applications of Sil-Oss®

Sil-Oss is indicated for the regeneration of bone defects in:


  • Sinus base elevation
  • Augmentation in alveolar ridge defects
  • Filling of tooth alveoli after extraction


  • Filling of periodontal intraosseous defects
  • Filling of periodontal defects in conjunction with membranes for guided tissue regeneration (GTR)

Oral, facial and maxillofacial surgery

  • Filling of bone defects after removal of bone cysts or unerrupted teeth
  • Reconstruction and stabilization of alveolar ridge
  • Repair of defects after corrective osteotomy o apicoectomy
  • Filling of posttraumatic bone defects
  • Repair of multiple wall defects in alveoli apophysis and facial skull