Formulation Services

Drug Formulation, Stabilisation & Delivery Services to suit your pharmaceutical development needs

How we work

We work on a flexible basis, offering our clients full control of their project without the constraint of predetermined timeslots.

At Azurebio each project is leaded by a Project Manager, who keeps the client updated and organizes regular meetings to discuss experimental design, project goals, timeline and budget, ensuring good communication and continuous alignment of objectives.

Throughout the project we work closely with the client. Every experiment is preceded by customer protocol approval and finalized with a comprehensive report. Written updates of the process are kept. We also offer the possibility of laboratory supervision by the client.

These are the steps followed in every project:

1. A non-disclosure agreement is executed with every client before project discussions to preserve confidentiality.

2. Project Aims & Objectives are established in technical meetings with the assigned Project Manager.

3. Project feasibility and development is studied at Azurebio and specific proposal is prepared.

4. A contract including Work Plan & Budget is signed. Clients can choose working with open project model, where charges are based on hour rates, or a closed project model with prices per task.

5. A kick-off meeting establishes the beginning of the project.

6. Our operational follows these steps in every task:

  • Experiment Protocol proposal
  • Protocol approval by client
  • Execution
  • Task Report

7. After project completion a final report is provided.


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