Formulation Services

Drug Formulation, Stabilisation & Delivery Services to suit your pharmaceutical development needs

Example Past Projects

We have successfully accomplished several formulation projects with different companies. These are some representative examples:

  • Re-positioning an oral CNS molecule for iv administration and patent drafting
  • Formulation of biosimilar antibodies in improved liquid form and freedom to operate
  • Non-infringing formulation for a freeze dried hormonal peptide
  • Freeze-dried antifungal molecule with improved stability
  • Alternative method to quantify a vaccine adjuvant
  • Stabilization of an enzyme on a biosensor
  • Alternative collagen sponges
  • Prefilled cartridges and glide tests for a hormonal peptide
  • Novel stable delivery format for vaccines
  • Liquid formulations for nanobodies
  • Immunopeptide subcutaneous depot
  • Spray-dry of coagulating factors
  • Stabilization of diagnostic ELISA reagents
  • Stabilization of fluorescence labeled antibody reagents and novel storage format
  • Concentrated non-infringing new liquid formulation for a hormonal peptide