Dental Products: Sil-Oss

Innovative resorbable synthetic bone regeneration material

Instructions for use

Instructions for use of Sil-Oss®

Sil-Oss® should only be used by surgeons and odontologists trained in the required surgical techniques. The selection of granule size and the exact procedure depend on the type, location and volume of the defect.

The following procedures should be followed for sterile manipulation and application of Sil-Oss® to the patient:

  • It is recommended that Sil-Oss® is soaked in saline or blood from the patient immediately prior to implantation. This greatly improves material handling. Care should be taken to avoid destruction of the granules in manipulation. Site of implantation must be clean of bone fragments and necrotic tissue.
  • To ensure its bone regeneration activity the surgeon must ensure that Sil-Oss® is in direct contact with bleeding bone at the site of implant.
  • Bone defects should be filled completely without exceeding the base line of surrounding bone.
  • Overlay of implanted material with resorbable membrane commonly used in guided bone regeneration is recommended in areas in direct contact with soft tissue.
  • Wound closure and suture should be carried out following normal surgical procedures.
  • Follow up of the implanted site is recommended within the first ten days after implantation.
Sil-Oss® Instructions for Use